Regardless of your ability, the program is designed to have you healthy and ready to go for the first Sunday in April!

But remember, Peak2Park is all about participation and not the time it takes you to complete the course.

This program is designed over an 8 week period for two levels

Beginner Level 1

For people who are starting out on an exercise program for the first time or are restarting after an extended break. The beginner program is designed to have you ready to walk/run the 4km course and to give you confidence to tackle the longer course next year.

Intermediate Level 2

For people who have been exercising but what to take their program to the next level. The intermediate program is designed to see you run or walk/run the 10km course. The programs are designed with three prescribed walking/running days along with cross training days with a minimum of one rest day per week.

Training Guide


Should be able to hold a conversation although it would be difficult at times. Intensity about 6-7/10.


Able to give one or two-word answers if someone asked you a question when training at this level. Breathing also heavier. Intensity about 8/10.


Shouldn't be able to talk when training at this level. Breathing is very heavy and laboured and overall you feel uncomfortable. Intensity about 9-9.5/10.

Cross Train:

This means exercise other than running such as swimming, cycling and weight training.

[LILY'S TEST] Training Guide

The event

The Peak2Park event will proceed rain, hail or shine unless there is an extreme weather event

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